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If you want to

run & grow your business

master your systems!



  • Feeling disorganized and overwhelmed?

  • Having great ideas but no solid plan in place to implement them?

  • Can't hire or outsource because the systems and procedures aren't in place?

  • Don't have time or resources to run your own projects?

  • Can't scale your business because you have no systems in place?

What you need is a strategy, a plan, a well functioning and trusted system, and skills to use it, for you and your team! That's it! Well, a few automations for your business will help as well. ;)

Let me help you:

  • Get all your dreams, projects, tasks and plans into one solid and organized place and you will always know what to do next. 
  • Map out large projects into actionable steps and tasks.
  • Put the right systems and automations in place for your business to run smoothly and on autopilot.
  • Seamlessly onboard your team by teaching them to master the systems and use them efficiently to deliver on time. 
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“FREE up your time to focus on the big things in your business and life.”

get your BUSINESS & LIFE fully organized

When you put all your projects and ideas into a project manager and organize it, you get it out of your head and can free up your mental space to get the stuff done instead of thinking about WHAT you should get done. Our lives are too complex today to hold the plans in our head. You need a good system in place. 

Get yourself fully set up with a project manager with all the workflows and procedures you need.


  • Overview and walkthrough of Asana, its potential and what it can be used for.
  • I set up the system with templates with example tasks and workflows, based on your need.
  • Full walkthrough of each project template and I’ll train you on how it works and how to use it.
  • Workflows will include; content calendar, content creation checklists, client pipeline, onboarding of clients and team, business management, guest posting workflow and much more. 
  • Make sure the setup works really well for you. 
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  • Get you to cooperate smoothly with your team and clients within Asana.
  • Create your weekly routine to review and plan ahead and keep the system up to date.
  • Create your daily workflow so you know what to do each day, how to focus on the right things, and deliver well and on time.
  • Voxer support during the setup and for 14 days after the last call.

get a solid plan in place

Do you have a great strategy or project idea, but are missing the actual plan to get there? Do you want to implement it yourself? If so, this is for you! 

I’ll help you draw the ideas out of your head and put them into an actual project plan so you can easily implement it on your own, keep track of progress and accomplish your goals.

Get yourself setup with a solid project plan.


  • In-depth survey
  • 90 min strategy session for overview of the project and walkthrough of the survey
  • 120 min session to build out the foundation of the project live in Asana or Trello
  • Full build out of the project after the session
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  • Training video on how to use the platform
  • 30 min walkthrough of the project plan
  • 10 days of full email and Voxer support for edits and new ideas

get your passwords securely organized

Today we need passwords for almost everything and it’s hard to remember them and keep them straight. Therefore, do you have a few passwords you use for all logins? Or do you have them written down on paper or in a document, or even stuck to your screen on a post it? This isn’t a good way to handle your passwords, but what should you do instead?

Get yourself set up with a password manager to store your passwords and keep them secure.


  • Recommendation on which service to use; LastPass or 1Password
  • Survey for foundational information
  • Set up account in LastPass or 1Password
  • Organizing and input of all your passwords
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  • Training video on how to use LastPass or 1Password
  • Training video on how to create secure passwords for already existing logins
  • 10 days of full email and Voxer support
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"I started my company 3 years ago and I figured things out as I went. When we began to scale, we hit the ceiling and things came crashing down.

I found Emma and she has completely transformed my business and how I live my life. It truly is possible to be on top of it all. I didn't know this until Emma listened to our needs and created all of the systems my company desperately needed. It was set up in a way that was so common sense that my support staff didn't even need training. No more forgotten appointments and tasks, no more employees stuck in the hiring process, no more clients feeling unheard.

I now feel confident, successful, and *SHOCKING* on top of everything. This is all thanks to Emma and the tailored systems she set up for us. I’m so grateful."

- Bonnie Treece, CEO & Founder of The Brain Domain

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“We don’t get overwhelmed when we have too many things to do. We get overwhelmed when we don’t know what to do next”