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I’m so glad for the possibility to partner up with your business.




I’m thrilled at the possibility of partnering with your business. Our clients are provided with an experience where their business visions are turned into reality. Working together, we lay out a goal, create tasks, and ensure your business is set up for growth.

In order to make our relationship as successful (and enjoyable) as it can be, I’ve put together a quick Welcome Kit.

This Welcome Kit is a simplified way to introduce you to how I work with my clients.

In this Welcome Kit, you’ll find

  • How I work

  • Perks of working with me

  • How to get started

I’m looking forward to a very successful working relationship. If you have a question at any point, please contact us at Emma@GetOrganizedWithEmma.com.

To our success,


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Time is money. We work focused to ensure that your goals are met in the time allotted. You’ll feel the difference when we have your back.

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I understand the beauty of working remotely, but I’m not naive to its very specific challenges. To ensure I’m always responsive to your needs, our hours of operation allow seamless collaboration with Eastern Standard Time, and European time zones. 

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All payments on service hours are paid upfront using PayPal or credit card. Invoices are sent electronically on the 1st of the month (unless otherwise agreed). All services are prepaid and work will commence once payment is received.

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When you buy a package of time, I commit to having enough time available to serve you. My commitment to you affects how I work with my other clients. For that reason, we don’t offer refunds on unused hours or allow unused hours to roll over.

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We adhere to a strict confidentiality code and no information will be shared with a third party. All documentation sent to us will be returned upon completion + payment. We take your confidentiality very seriously.

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All time spent on your projects is tracked to the minute. We will send you weekly progress reports to keep you updated on how your hours are being utilized.

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To safely exchange passwords, we use LastPass. We ask that our clients set up an account so that they can securely share their passwords with us. Please share passwords with:
*Please note that you can expect login notifications from Sweden.

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Your time is valuable, and so is mine. In the event that you need to change or cancel a scheduled meeting, we require 24-hour notice. In turn, we promise to honor our appointments and be on time as well.

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“She believed she could, so she did.”

the perks


Here at Get Organized With Emma, collaboration is at the center of what we do. We want to hear from our clients, bounce ideas, and stay in close contact.

All calls and emails will be returned within 48 hours during business days (Monday to Friday).

That means we will:

  • Respond to e-mail and Twist messages promptly

  • Follow-up with clients to ask for feedback

  • Make recommendations and offer solutions

  • Go the extra mile to make our clients happy

Access to a dedicated Online Business Manager
When you delegate to us, you have me as your dedicated Certified Online Business Manager focused on your growth and success.

Turn Around Times
Project and task turnarounds vary depending on the specific requirements. We make an effort to handle all new projects and tasks within 48 hours of receiving the required information. We always inform you of when you can expect projects and tasks to be completed. If you make changes to the original task or project, the amount of time required to complete the project is subject to change.

Project Management Tools
We are happy to work with your PM tool if you’ve already established a routine (i.e. Asana, ClickUp, Teamwork PM etc.). If you do not have a project management tool, we will set you up with Asana.

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