get your passwords securely organized

Today we need passwords for almost everything and it’s hard to remember them and keep them straight. Therefore, do you have a few passwords you use for all logins? Or do you have them written down on paper or in a document, or even stuck to your screen on a post it? This isn’t a good way to handle your passwords, but what should you do instead?

Get yourself set up with a password manager to store your passwords and keep them secure.


  • Recommendation on which service to use; LastPass or 1Password
  • Survey for foundational information
  • Set up account in LastPass or 1Password
  • Organizing and input of all your passwords
LastPass on the screen.png
  • Training video on how to use LastPass or 1Password
  • Training video on how to create secure passwords for already existing logins
  • 10 days of full email and Voxer support