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I was asked a question today and I thought the answer might benefit you. So here it is. πŸ˜Š

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I was actually still wondering why 3 apps and not just use Asana? It seems like Asana will also hold files and attachments.


Asana for sure does hold files and attachments but that's not what I use Evernote for. I use Evernote for random thoughts, clipping things on the web, images of my kids' drawings, list of good wines etc. Basically EVERYTHING. I also use it for blog posts etc.

The reason being, the search function is awesome in Evernote. If I only use documents I can only search for the titles but not the content. Within Evernote I can search within notes. For example, I know I wrote a blog post about procrastination a long time ago and I don't know what I called the post. I can just search for "procrastination" and ALL post with that word somewhere within the text (or in a pdf or image) will come up. That's so handy.

Another benefit is that I scan almost all papers I want to save. If I later want to find a paper relating to the school of my kids I just type the name of the school in the search box and all notes with that word will come up. This is priceless.

That's why I think Evernote should be part of everyone's "central hub" for productivity and why it's not enough to write everything in Asana and attach files. Asana is for managing tasks and projects and is awesome for that, and another key piece of that central hub.

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