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When you have many things on your plate it can be difficult to focus. You might feel torn between all the different things that need to be done and you end up switching between them. You feel distracted and unproductive and it depletes your energy. Let me give you an example from my own life.

I always have blog posts to write, content to prepare for my Facebook page and Facebook group, marketing to do, prepare other content and trainings, help clients, work in my consultancy business etc. If I try to do a little bit of everything on any given day, I get nothing done and I feel scattered and tired.

There is a better way! I promise! A way that makes life easier and more fun. It’s when we get into a flow that we feel accomplished and satisfied and life is good. And we can only get into the flow when we allow ourselves to focus on one thing at a time.


1. Put a theme to your days

When you put a theme to your days it can for example look like this; content creation on Mondays, product creation on Tuesdays, client work on Wednesdays, business development on Thursdays and admin on Fridays. You start by making a list of different “themes” of work you have in your business or at work. When you have identified the themes, you decide which day to work on what theme, and set aside time in your calendar.

2. Make a checklist

Make a checklist for the themed part of each day (some days you might only have before lunch themed). Make the checklist as detailed as you can so each task is small and feels easy to start and finish. When you have a checklist that works, you can almost work on autopilot. Each day will have a different checklist depending on the theme.

3. Use a habit tracker

Track the days and the completion of the checklists each day on a paper or with a habit tracker. (“Way of life” is a good one.) For each day that you can check off the completion of the checklist for the themed day, you will feel better and better. The tracking system you set up will give you a great overview of how you are doing. And when you have gotten started, you don’t want to break the streak of checked days. 😉

4. Decide where to do the work

Decide where the best place is to do the work each day. If I go back to my own example. When it’s an admin day I want to be in my home office, but for content creation, I love to sit in a hotel lobby or at a café with some focus music in my ears. I get so much more done that way. If you are not sure what the best place is for you, test and see what works best for you.

Okay, now it’s your turn to sit down and go through these 4 steps and create a themed week. I think you will see an increase in your productivity when you stick to your new plan. 😃

And don’t forget to share what your themed days will look like. You can do that on my Facebook page.

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